Wine tasting courses in Paris

This article looks at wine tasting in Paris and France (see here), a guide for people who are interested to learn about wine tasting in a country where wine is a very important part of the culture and cuisine.

Why do Wine Tasting?

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If you are in France to learn about some of the best cooking in the world, your experience may feel incomplete without a wine tasting course to complement and complete your learning.

Example of courses available.

Courses start from 39 Euros for an hour of wine tasting tuition. The one hour course covers three wines, with complementary foods. Taught in English and in small groups, this short course also teaches label reading and buying wines, and gives you an idea about flavours, colours and smells. You leave with some knowledge of wine types and tasting.

The next level course is 69 Euros for 2 hours, also in small groups and in English, and offers 5 wines and one champagne to taste, and includes blindfolded tasting and expert advice and tuition. There is a lesson on the geography of the wines. The wines are served with complementary foods. You can also learn to saber champagne and you get a free wine tasting booklet to take away.

For 79 Euros you can enjoy a cheese and wine pairing lunch. Cheese and wine are the eternal partners, but putting the right cheese with the right wine is essential. The lunch is 2 hours and offers 4 wines and 1 champagne as well as 7 cheeses, a real introduction to French fare, including complementary food. There is tuition on French cheeses, as well as blind wine tasting, and sabering champagne. Wine tuition from an expert is included and you leave with a full stomach.


No culinary experience would be complete without some wine tasting experience, so don't miss out, book now!